ESPN. Put it on the Board!

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I have been listening to the ESPN Fantasy Focus Baseball and Football Podcast for seven years now. Hosted by @MatthewBerryTMR, @NateRavitz and produced by the minor internet celebrity @TheRealPodVader. It has become a staple to my lunch break. I feel lost at lunch during the off seasons. I like to think that the Fantasy Focus has contributed to 13 First place finished, 8 second and 5 third. (15 did not place.) So it was an honor to get the opportunity to create the branding for the Put that on the board!

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Needed to create a branding identity for The ESPN Fantasy Focus Baseball and Football Podcast toss out random bets during their daily shows. These bets are housed on this website. The Fantasy Focus mascot is a weasel. Wanted it to be fun but tough.


Keep it simple and clean. Fire in a jolly roger style baseball bat cross for some toughness. And give the weasel some sass. There you have it.