Diggin’ a new look in Excavating.

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As some may know, I have been fixing my house up for over two years now. We knocked down walls, ripped out then refinished the kitchen, ripped out all the carpet, refinished the hardwood floors painted every square inch of the place. Lots of blood sweat and tears put in by myself and my right hand man. My father-in-law. That was year one.


Year two we focused on the exterior. Replacing all the windows, roof, front patio, siding and ripped out over 20 pine trees. (Oh and a pool.) Only thing we needed to finish was, the yard. Oh the yard… That is where T.A. Gall comes in. The dude is awesome.

Here is the project he had for me in return.


When people think of excavating that think, big machines that dig and push dirt. The guys wear hard hats and make machines lots of noise. We had to make excavating appear high end, refined and natural. This can be a disconnect for high end residential clients. This excavating group is unique because they give a fully customized and friendly backyard atmosphere for water ponds, natural rock walls and rustic fireplaces.


The brand identity had to scream established and friendly. For the website we highlight their fully customized work in a nice big photo gallery. No pictures of machines. Nice warm tones and color palette. Three words we wanted people to feel when seeing the logo: Established, natural and classic.